Leader Line plug in help


I’m looking for assistance with the Leader Line plug in - hoping someone might be able to provide some guidance…

I have 3 repeating groups.
Each RG has data in it that relates to the next RG.
(Horizons > Themes > Objectives)
1 Horizon can have many themes
1 Theme can have many objectives
I’m trying to use the LeaderLine plugin to allow the user to select a Horizon (a cell in RG1) and for the Leader Line to then link to the appropriate Themes (cells ibn RG2) and then the same for the Objectives (cells in RG3).

E.g. Horizon 1 has 2 Themes associated to it. Each of those themes has 3 objectives associated to them. So clicking on the horizon should mean the leader line connects to the 2 themes (RG2) and then the 6 (2x3) objectives (RG3 - with these being based on the themes from RG2).

I’ve managed to get the first step resolved (horizon to theme) but can’t seem to work out how to get the themes to then link to the appropriate goals (basically because of the multiple themes I am stuck).

Appreciate this is a lot, am trying to provide enough context.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.