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Leading Zeroes?

I’ve created a button that has a real time counter on it. It’s working perfectly but I am unable to get a leading zero on the minute or seconds field, causing a less than optimal format. For example, this should read 1:09:47

Any help would be appreciated!

Any way at the end of your formula to format it as time, custom, h:mm:ss? (or maybe those need to be uppercase)

Thanks, I tried that. The problem is they are actually three different values and are numbers, not dates. I appreciate your idea though.

If you’re trying to spit out a date format, I suspect it’s a whole lot easier to have it formatted as a date. I know - easy for me to say, lol. But, still an idea worth considering.

You may also be able to conditionally add a 0 or something by using the conditions tab to identify when it’s a zero. Then show, say, the first 3 values on the left, 0, then the remaining values on the right. Not sure whether this would work or not, so just an idea.

Best of luck!