Lesson is hard mode?

but i completed on lessons, it turns on hard mode let’s see screenshot:

it looks so button when changed text does “Hard Mode” i dont know why?

reply something. :point_up:

Hi Rick,

your message is not quite clear to be honest. First of all, welcome to bubble!

The hard mode is turned on, after you completed the easy mode. Now you can do the lesson again, but without the supportive pop-ups and arrows pointing you into the right directions. It’s just to make it stick I guess.



Why is this a solution? The information isn’t going to stick because the information does not exist the second time we go through it. We’re trying to review what we’ve learned. Without the information, we have no way of confirming whether or not the steps we are creating are correct. It doesn’t really matter what we do in Hard Mode because the result works, but when we repeat the steps in our personally-made apps, the result is always broken. Careful inspection shows that the tutorial and the extra-tutorial app are identical, but the extra-tutorial app is non-working.

It would make sense to have hard mode if it could be turned off or if answers were given when mistakes were made, or if there were an answers sheet somewhere? But none of this exists. The result is that it’s basically impossible to learn from the tutorials unless you have a flawless memory (which no human has).