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Let your users create their own subscription plan with Stripe


I am building a platform for teachers and I would like them to create their own subscription through our platform without going to their Stripe account.

Today, I am using the Stripe plugin made by Bubble to connect our platform to teacher’s Stripe account and take a fee on transaction.

I looked at the Bubble Stripe documentation and it should be possible :

However, I am not sure if I can do it with the Stripe plugin.

Subscribe the user to a plan action works only if the plan was previously defined in Stripe which is not the case since I want to allow teachers to do everything into my platform.

Create a subscription item action adds a plan to an existing subscription but they don’t have an existing subscription yet.

Do you think it is possible to do it with the Bubble Stripe Plugin ?

You should be able to create a product/subscription using the API. I’m not sure if the Stripe2.js plugin allows you to do that but it shouldn’t be too hard to do it using the API Connector yourself.

I believe it should be. I don’t use this plugin, so can’t comment on exact steps to take, but when creating a subscription, you should be passing through the ‘teachers’ connected Stripe Account to the plugin to define which Stripe account the subscription belongs to.

So before allowing a user to subscribe to a plan, the ‘teacher’ needs to first setup the subscription. The plugin most likely has this functionality to allow this to happen from your application.

If it doesn’t and you want to have full control over how your integration with Stripe is constructed and use API calls rather than rely on a plugin, as well as learn a lot more about how to properly setup a Stripe integration, you may find my Stripe Integration Course helpful.

It covers all the details of how to allow your connected users ‘teachers’ to create the subscriptions, as well as how to allow your users to subscribe to them. In fact, it also details how to allow a user to subscribe to multiple subscriptions from the same ‘teacher’ at the same time, up to the maximum limit of 20 set by Stripe. So, if your ‘teachers’ have subscriptions for videos, another for file downloads and another for blog content, then a user can subscribe to all 3 at the same time.

Thanks @bas1 I will try to to do it through their API

@boston85719 thanks I will have a look at your course.