Let's give some cred to plugin developers

There have been certain points over the years that users of this forum, myself included, have complained about, and the state of the plugin store has been one of them. While learning Bubble a few years back, one of the things I picked up early was to simply avoid plugins, as honestly, they rarely worked consistently, and were usually more trouble than they were worth.

I don’t think that’s true anymore.

Over the last year, I’ve slowly turned back to plugins to solve very specific problems, and eventually, as I found my trust in them increase, to add new features to my projects. Many have definitely improved my apps, and some have become cornerstones in core app functionality.

I’m not gonna say there’s nothing to be improved both from the plugin devs and from Bubble’s side, but I believe in small victories. Bubble is a work in progress, and I think it’s worth noting and celebrating when things are improving. Several serious developers have stood out in the plugin store as dedicated to building stable plugins with quick support and transparent communication, and I hope they’re starting to profit from their work.