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Letting a user choose an icon for a database entry

Hi everyone,

I want to allow my users to select an icon from the existing icons libraries (ionic, material) with their preferred colour, when they generate a new data entry (let’s say a new task).

Is that possible or do i have to upload my own icons/images as an option set and take it from there?


I also would like to know if anyone has accomplished this

Me too, No answer so far

I’m also looking to do this!

I do this for another reason using Fontawsome… This lets users select an icon… Choose its colour etc etc. simply set this up in the database as a Thing

@Bubbleboy, did you find an easy way to get this info into a table, or did you have to upload each one manually? I’d love to get something like this into an option set so I don’t lose it when I set my app to go live. Any advice would be welcome, thanks!

@rachel3 i use these in a repeating group. When you mention “table” are you referring to one of the various plugins available which could be described as tables or grids

No, I meant getting the icon image files/names uploaded for access within your app.

all manual…regardless of using option sets or DB

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Thanks a lot for the info.
So manual it is :man_shrugging:

Wow, that’s too bad! Seems like something many of us would use… anyone want to make a plugin? :wink:

A billion dollar idea :slight_smile:

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I would also pay for a plugin that did this - no way I’m going to be bothered manually creating a table of icons! Quite frankly, it should be baked into Bubble as an input type.

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