Letting resuable header reveal another reusable element not attached to the header


I have made my header a reusable element. Within it is a hamburger menu icon that when clicked should reveal a popup (menu). That popup menu is an element on the first page I created. I made that popup to also be a reusable element. How do make it that when the hamburger icon on the reusable header is clicked, it can “show” the popup. Currently the “show” workflow only allows you to “show” elements that are attached to the header itself.

In the Header reusable:
Create menu_visible custom state of type yes/no.
On the Workflows tab:

  • Add custom event called Reset with a single action that resets that state into No.
  • Add workflow when burger is clicked with two actions: (1) Set Header's menu_visible state to yes and (2) Schedule Reset custom event after 0 seconds.

On the page:

  • Add Header reusable to page.
  • On the Workflows tab add a workflow when Header's menu_visible is yes with an action to show your popup or any other relevant actions you need.
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It worked. Much appreciated Vladimir

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