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Limiting upload file types

Ive been imformed by some of our users that uploading music in .wav format as opposed to .mp3 takes much longer and im thinking this could be a good part of our loading problems (im ebarrased to say i didnt know how huge of a file size difference there is between the two). Is there any way to limit what type of files are uploaded? I would like to set this to only .mp3 because ive been told that alot of music sharing sites such as reverbnation only allow this option to save time and space. thanks!

It’s not an option currently but we could think about it. Email us and we’ll see what we can do.

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Trying to figure out a workaround as well but my hack has been to check when uploader’s file input has been changed and if the file name doesn’t contain your extension (.mp3) then display message and/or not let user proceed.

Although the user could just remove the extension and upload it to bypass this.