LinkedIn Like Social Media Platform Development

Hello guys,

I am new here and I need help to develop a, functional MVP for a social media platform like LinkedIn.

The platform will be designed to provide users with a professional networking and career development services for a unique market segment. With a range of features and functionalities such as user profile management, content creation and management, job and recruiting capabilities, messaging and notification options, analytics and insights, and security and privacy measures.

It should offer a comprehensive and customizable solution for professionals looking for new career opportunities to exhibit their experiences and skillsets, share their expertise, and explore career opportunities. With additional features such as mobile app integration, real-time messaging and video conferencing, and AI technology to match users to potential job opportunities. It aims to provide a user-friendly and engaging platform for these professionals.

For hiring experts and HR they should be able to import their respective job posting with easy, and the system should automatically match these job postings to potential candidates with easy.
We are also hoping that there will be a video service that can be used by career coaches who mentor people who are looking for new career opporunities.

Thank you,

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