Linking Databased in Bubble

Hi all,

I have a page with a list of quizzes. This list is made with a repeating group which links to a database. Each quiz has an ID number in the database.

I have a separate database which is filled with quiz questions. I have given these questions an ID which corresponds to the quiz ID.

So if a quiz has the ID of 1, all the questions which belong with that quiz also have the ID of 1.

I want the user to be able to click on a quiz and they will be shown questions from the quiz.

But because the ID fields are in two different databases, I can’t workout how to tell Bubble which questions to select.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to work through your process, but first I need to understand your reasoning behind manually creating an id for each question or item bank.

Are you not utilizing the unique IDs created by Bubble for each database entry?

Hey there Josh,

Appreciate you getting back to me. I’m new to bubble so maybe I don’t need to use an ID field but I will explain my logic anyway.

I want Bubble to know that questions with the same ID should be grouped together and also that group of questions is linked to the quiz with the same ID.

I have uploaded a screenshot of the page I am creating which uses a repeating group which takes data from a database labelled ‘All Specialty Quizzes Pages’. When a quiz is clicked I would like a relevant question to appear which will retrieved from a database called ‘All Premium Quizzes’.