Linking domain name with certain page

New to going Live with bubble. Bought a domain name however struggling to apply it to the app. It is connected, but when I type it into the address bar it takes me to a different page than the one desired. How do I direct the domain eg:“” to go to a specific page rather than the original index?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

You can make that specific page your new index, would that help?

Since dinosaurs exists. Index is the landing page for a website :slight_smile:
Why don’t you use it as it should be ?

Didn’t get notified of responses so just saw this…but yes that is what I did and it worked :slight_smile:

Very new so had a feeling there was a simple solution like this, just wasn’t aware of it yet :slight_smile:


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Had a full separate page built and wasn’t aware that I could change it to be the index and how to do so.

But yes I understand that the index page is linked to the domain.

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Glad to hear it! Do you mind marking that answer ad the solution so if someone comes across this thread they’ll see it right away?

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