Linking "Google sheets + Offline" with Bubble with API

Hello everyone,

I am new to Bubble and APIs and I am experiencing a problem which will seem very simple for you advanced Bubblers !

I am actually creating an application which will enable each new clients to answer questions on Bubble, then those answers will automatically fill a prefilled google sheet. I have subscribed to “Google sheets + Offline” to be able to do this operation. Bubble asks me to enter an API Key, I imagine it is the one of the google excel sheet…?


Unfortunately I have no idea how to find my google sheet API key, I have read nearly all the google documentation but I don’t seem to find a solution.

You would greatly help an intern if you had a solution for me !

Thank you for your time.


You will need to do so through the Google Cloud Console.
Over their create a new Google app and enable the Sheets API for that App.

After that you can create an API key for the Google App created above.

Thanks for your answer Andrew, I solved my problem since by doing exactly what you said :slight_smile:

Hi biminmotion. Can you tell me step by step how you did it please? I’ve just subscribe to “Google Sheets + Offline” but I have no idea how to link Google Sheets with Bubble API. I created a new sheet in Google Sheets but I still lost. Thanks in advance