Linking to a view

Is there a way to link to a view in my app so we can send user to that specific view (Eg user profile or search results) ? How would I set that up?

Also, with search results is it URL format with query string?

Those would be pages you setup and design in the Bubble editor

You would setup a User Profile page or Search result page

I have the page set up inside my app. Would this need to be replicated?

So if you want to link a profile page, then you make the page data type User.

The link for example would be https://[your domain]/[your page name]/[the user’s unique ID] The unique ID can be replaced later with a more user friendly appearance by using slugs but worry about that later.

Your search page doesn’t need a data type because it would just be a searchbar and repeating group, then clicking one of the users would navigate to your profile page.

Unless I’m misunderstanding the question?

Thanks for the responses. I think I haven’t been clear

I’m using the mobile toolkit to create an app. As such there are several views (I think the whole app/toolkit is 1 page?). When I goto any view the url doesn’t change. Hence my question how to direct user to a particular view of a hybrid app?

Does this clarify?

You will need to use URL parameters. Then, on the specific view (Group), you set a condition to make it visible when the url contains that parameter

Yea if the URL isn’t changing then that template is relying on show/hide of groups, and/or custom states.

Like @S2294 said modify your app a little bit by using URL parameters instead

@S2294 @tylerboodman . Thanks all for helping here. I’m trying to figure this out - so the mobile template is a single page app with … multiple views?

  • splash screen
  • login
  • tab w map view
  • table w search view

How do I redirect a user to that particular view here? What would I modify? Can you share some pointers or documentation?

If your app is one page then you will have groups acting as your pages. Each group/view should not be visible on page load.

Step 1. Under the Layout tab in the inspector of each group/view, where it says ‘This element is visible on page load’ make sure to uncheck it.

Step 2. On whichever button/link/text/element you want the user to click to go to a separate view, create a workflow with a navigation action. Page to navigate would be the same page. Where it says ‘Send more parameters to the page’ should be checked. Then click on ‘Add another parameter.’ You can put anything as the key and value. For example put ‘view’ as the key and ‘splash’ as the value.

Step 3. On the group/view you want to show the users, create a new conditional that says when Get data from Page URL, under parameter put view is splash (you have to type splash) select ‘This element is visible’ and check that box. Note, both view and splash are case sensitive, so whatever key value pair you entered in the workflow should be typed exactly the same in the conditional.

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Thank you :pray:t4: this is very helpful. Starting this now.