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Linking to external CSS or javascript

I’m using a jquery plugin to create some element in bubble.
I’m able to link to the external css and javascript files by adding them to an html element on the page like below and the plugin works.

But when i add the same links to the page HTML header like below it doesn’t work.

So my questions are

  1. Why doesn’t it work when added to the page header but works instead when added to an html element on the page.
  2. How can i get the linking working if i want to add it to the page header. The reason why i want this is because i eventually want to create a bubble plugin and i will need to be able to get these links working through the header.

When you need help form the community, it’s always good to share a link. If you don’t, other Bubblers have a hard time giving useful advice.

Because at the time of the page header being applied, JQuery is not yet loaded.

The plugin builder has solved this issue, so you can load them in the header of the element (per page), or in the header of the plugin (every page).

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Ahaa, that makes sense. Thanks @mishav.
I added the links to the plugin’s header in the plugin editor and it works.

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