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Links in Reusable Header to Scroll To an Element

I am trying to use links that are included in my re-usable header to scroll to an element on my index page. I’ve read on the forum about custom states and url parameters, but I’m still unclear how to do this. Is there a video or sample website that someone could point me to so that I can see an example. Thanks.

I made my Reusable Header have a horizontal repeating group with a button for each item in the list

When any of the button’s is clicked it goes to my current page and sends the cell’s index as a parameter
Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 12.01.47 PM
On the ‘scroll_to_element’ page I have a group that has the parameter sent as its data source

Then I have an on page load work flow but you could also have a do when Groups data source = whatever workflow, It scrolls to a specific element based on the parameter.

Here is the example:

Here is the editor:

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