List custom state: Can I put an order in the list

Hi guys, I have
1, set the Custom States a list
2, adding items (text) from the Repeating Group.
3, Then save the state list to database when user hitting “submit”

My question is:

The list are not sorted in a way I want. It seems it is either randomly sorted, or sorted in the order of the clickings in the RG.
So when it saves into the database, the orders are all wrong.

Is there anyway I can make it right ?

Thank you


Hi there, @WildlyOptimistic… if I understand your post correctly, you should be able to add the :sorted operator to the end of the expression where you are setting the list in the workflow. If you leave the Descending field for the sort blank (or set it to no), the list will be sorted in alphabetical order. If you set that field to yes, the list will be sorted in reverse alphabetical order.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike,

Thanks ! But I don’t want to sort in alphabetical order (neither ascending or descending).

I want to sort it by another parameter which is a number from the parent group (Game 1,2,3…) , this child repeating group is text only.

The child repeating group’s data source is from Parent Group (and only 1 text field is used in this child repeating group)

Thank you,

@mikeloc can you please take a look at my above reply? Guess I forgot to tag you :slight_smile:
Thanky ou

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