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List of texts on different lines of a Repeating group (3rd party API)


I am starting with bubble and am stuck for some time with the following issue (and checked potential solutions like join, regex, from the forum without any success)

  1. I am using xano as a backend (database, APIs…) and have created an API that returns result=an array of texts (“QA” and “UX”) - see pic
  2. In bubble, I want to display this list of texts on different lines of a repeating group
  3. I have set up the RG like:
  • type of content: text
  • data source: UserProjects- List API’s result

In the first cell, text= UserProjects-List API’s result

Anyone can help ? (I can modify the API if needed)

Thanks a lot !!

Solved (after stting up the right array of objects in the backend)