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List Popper and Friends: New SSA Plugin for Your Backend Workflow (API Workflow) Needs

I should also note about this: “Preserve Empty” is not tested for Geographic Addresses and it probably does not work for that data type. In the code, I treat these like Things, but this is quite likely incorrect and it may just fail. If anybody wanted to test that out, I’d appreciate to hear what happens. (Obvs, you’d have to create a list of Geo Addresses that contains empties in a similar way to what I show in the video.)

Thanks @keith. I look forward to reviewing the videos.

@keith when using list pusher, if I pass it a custom state (lets say its defined on a group element) called list_var as the List of Items parameter along with a Item to Push value, does list pusher actually update the original list_var custom state with the new value? Or is the updated list only on the server side and not ever passed back to the client?

I guess in a nutshell I’m trying to find a way to update a custom state at the client level with a list that contains duplicates.


@keith Getting an error when trying to use this plugin for saving a list of twitter followers (from the API - one blob of json with) to the database:

I notice that there are a ton of null values in some API responses - any suggestions?

I have no idea where this property is coming from, as its not part of any API response. Please help :slight_smile:


Workflow error - Plugin action List Popper SSA error when parsing the response: Cannot read property '_api_c2_id' of null

Call to list popper

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Hey quick question. Can I use any of your list plugins to convert json into a list of things.

Use case is that I want to do an api call using JavaScript on the front end probably in Mishas toolbox plug-in and then convert the returned json into a bubble object.
I know I can create the thing by doing a dummy initialisation in the api connector but as yet have not been able to turn the json into the thing.

I’m getting this as well, specifically with null values coming from an outside API. @keith any plans to fix this?