List to list match: any match

I have not been able to figure out how to create a filter with constraint of a data field which is list that has any common items on other data field which is also list.

For instance, I want to filter reviews with constraint: User’s Food Peferences (list) has common element on Snacks list. Both of these list have common data type of Option food Item.

Any help is appreciated.

Consider filtering after the search and choose advanced where you can use contains list.

Here an example:

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Thanks Carlos😀. Didn’t know about this option. Let me explore and get back to you. Much appreciated!

Thanks again Carlos. The technique you told was very helpful and solved the issue.

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Perhaps you can mark it as solved so that others can find the solution faster :+1:

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Be careful, this must be use only if you are aware that the advanced filter is done client size
Read this :


Is there are way to find out how resource intensive a derecho with constraint and filters is? Do I see it in bubble settings somewhere?

Not that I a know of.

Thoughts to consider:

  • Monitor performance continously

  • Explore structuring the search expressions with joins/intersections etc as the great thread that @nicolas_dap kindly shared

  • If you anticipate large lists in the tens/hundreds of thousands that your app will handle then explore alternative UI design to lower the size of these lists. Explore alternative database structure. Explore alternative database setups and searching for large scaling. Backendless, Algolia.

  • You can always contact Bubble to explore dedicated cluster plans. They accomodate apps that grow quickly and work with you to support your growth.

  • Managing growth is another one of those problems … albeit good but tough nonetheless … that apps face :+1:

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Much appreciated Carlos!

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