Live stream video

Hi all,

I am working on a webinar software, and I’m trying to figure out how to build the live video stack so that the user doesn’t install anything and the browser just requests access to the mic/camera, then is able to stream live video.

So far I haven’t found a great third party solution or API - does anyone have any ideas?


The easiest solution is likely something like integrating Facebook Live or YouTube Live.

WebRTC is the underlying technology you’re looking for that enables live broadcast without downloading anything. There are a bunch of vendors.

We’ve used Tokbox for 1:1 video and I know they have broadcast as well. I believe it requires you to custom build some software though (many solutions do). I presume you’re looking for something that’s more of an out of the box solution?

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Thanks! I have been searching all day, and Tokbox or Mux look like solutions, albeit expensive ones for scaling.

One key question, and I’ll probably kick myself when I realise, but how do I enable the current user’s (streamer’s) webcam and mic in the browser, similar to Uberconference or Demio when they request permission to use them and then up pops your face on screen?

I don’t know for other solutions, but with Tokbox a portion of the custom code prompts people for permission to their webcam and mic (and stores permissions in a cookie so it doesn’t need to ask the same user next time).

I imagine there’s a simple standard for this because user’s granting permission is down through the browser (so it’s a different UI for each browser).

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OK, I’ll look further into TokBox. I’ll Pm you