Load google maps API as an option from the plugin editor

Hello @Bubble, @emmanuel, @josh, @neerja & et’al

I know this topic has been brought up in the past but its a real drag when spending hours trying to find a good work around. See this thread Isolating plugin scripts

Anyways the summary of it is we need proper access through the plugin to the api keys that are available in the settings window of the app here

and a way to avoid things like this


We also need a way to load the Google scripts for maps like we do under dependencies in the plugin editor

Having to manage whether a script is loaded or not and test against is a problem as if our code successeeds in preventing the double loading of a script Bubble does not do its checks before loading the same script.

So instead of having a crazy script on your end that does this check in Bubble can’t we just to choose to load yours as an option in the plugin editor?


@AliFarahat if you’ve been following my Air Calandar plugin thread you realize I’ve requested this over and over again.
Currently there are over 10 plugins using moment.js and moment-timezone.js and if you’re not lucky and have two of such plugins on a page then you start getting issues.
I’ve suggested to bubble several times the idea of having common libraries available that developers can check to be included like the jquery but haven’t gotten any positive response so far.
Currently the only way out is to have a function that checks if the global object from a library is loaded or not and if not append the library.
But this is a very terrible design because different plugins may be using different versions of the same library.
This is why bubble including these libraries where we can test our plugins against whatever version bubble has is the better way to go.
So far we’ve never had any issues with jquery interference because it’s been loaded once and we’ve tested our plugins against the version available.


Finally someone that gets it. Thanks for the valuable inputs

Our engineering team has added @seanhoots request to our features tracker. We will keep you posted once this is prioritized.


This is a great idea and one that ic causing me a few issues right now, was there any progress being made with it?