Loading of dependent lists

My app needs to show dropdown value in 3 separated fields: Province - District - Ward. There are 63 provinces, each province has around 20 districts, and each district has around 20 wards. My freelancer insists that loading these values from database is slower than loading from API. But loading the value from api takes 2-3 seconds for each field, which is too slow. Is there any way to make the loading faster (preferable within 0.5 second)?
Anh Han

By default, a dropdown can only hold one data type. If you want to load these 3 data types in to a dropdown-like UI, you should consider nested repeating groups.

Are these data types heavy? If it tis, the speed to query it would greatly be impacted as well.

Also, do you see yourself updating these lists e.g. adding, deleting, or editing, the provinces, district, and wards? If not, you could also use them as option sets instead since option sets are downloaded on page load so you won’t have to wait for the dropdown to query the data :smiley: