Loan Amortization Table HELP

I’m new to Bubble. I need help to create a loan amortization table. How and based on the inputs entered by the customers (Loan Amount, Interest, Term,) I can create a table with the amortization schedule like the one below:

What have you tried so far and what elements are you stuck on?

I’ve built this once, you can use “calculate formula” loan payment (calculate PMT) in a backend workflow recursively to create your table.

Thank you, Oliver! In other applications, I used a loop to create each line until the End Balance is =0. I understand Bubble does not have a way to run a loop. So, I am completely stuck.

I am not that familiar with backend workflow. My main question is how I can get the previous row ending balance to become by current row begging balance.

It does have loop capability actually. You’ll pass last balance and month value. Same concept to what you explained above using the last balance.

thank you! , I am going to read the documentation. Thanks

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