Locking elements within bubble's editor

So that it locks itself to the canvas and can’t be accidently dragged out of place?


I would love that especially when working with lots of elements

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An idea in a similar vein would be to have layers like in photoshop.


It would just need to be in the editor.

Yea, the elements would be locked from moving, exactly like locking a layer in photoshop

So we could add that, but that likely wouldn’t be saved (so on page load elements would be movable, and then you’d check a box at the bottom of the Property Editor and the element would be locked). How does that sound?

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I like it, give it a go and see what the general consensus is?

It wouldn’t be a big deal re-locking stuff if that’s what I wanted each time I load the app up.

Another option would be in the group section next to the visible icon, being able to lock it there

We just added that, at the bottom of the Property Editor (for now).


Love it so far - thanks a ton, it’s very appreciated!

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This looks GREAT. Thank you.


…2 years later.
Yes this is great that it can be locked. Impressive response time also to the feature request then.

is it / would it be possible to make it so that a layer cannot be selected either?

Scenario - working with background overlay (well a group that works as one - Background Video Color Transparent Overlay . Though ‘background overlay’ would be a good thing rather than having to make one this way).

When trying to select other elements, even tho the ‘background overlay’ is locked, it’s still being selected. So gets in the way.

I tried working around by deselecting the ‘background overlay’ in the elements tree. However, for some reason it’s the parent to other elements on the page. I don’t know why the page itself is not selectable as the parent. I’ll work this out I guess but meanwhile

  • as well as Lockable, Visible but un-Selectable would be good.

But maybe there is way and it is my Bubble-noob ignorance that’s the limitation.

Great work and Thanks