Log in again isn't working on mobile

I woke up and decided to work on my app but it wasn’t letting me version test on mobile. If I create a new page and login it works but then if I log out and re-login it says “We weren’t able to complete your action. Please try again…” no matter how many times I reload and try logging in again it won’t let me; only when I open a new page in safari. It also isn’t working on androids.

@andrewgassen please help. I’ve seen you help some other people with similar issues.

I think your login action may have errors.

Try to load your bubble editor on Brower you will see the the error count in right-top. Click that number small popuo will show the error.

Still you are facing issue then please share your bubble app editor or reach me at [email protected]

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there is no number

Please try to run your bubble app with debug mode , you will get the issue



I have and its showing that it’s working

can you also show the logout workflow?

Hi, my app shows the same error when I change my password(with update credential action).

How did you fix this unknown error?