Log in with project ID and password

Hello! I am working on my project focused on inventory selection and orders for my customers. Basically I want two types of users:

  • The customer. This is not a single customer, when working on projects, there are several customers. My idea is that they use the project name and a password to log in. I don’t want them to have to register, I would like to be able to register the project name and assign a password and then share it with them. The purpose of this user is to make the selection of required material per day and per material subtype.

  • I as a company. Download in PDF and excel format the material that the customer has selected.

How can I do it?

Thank you in advance!

Maybe the “several customers” do not need to be customers.

You can setup a backend workflow that asks for a “project ID” and a “password” and use these as a condition to trigger only if “password_provided IS project.password”