Log show 3 but db have 2 :/


I have an unusual problem that I hope can help me.

Excuse my English from now on.

I have a generated of activities (tasks) and each task has associated documents.

For documents I use the multi-upload and from there I run a Schedule Api on a list, about the files uploaded in the multi-upload.

So far so good. The documents are loaded into the correct table and the activity is created.
At the moment of generating a document in the DB I also have to add it in the activity in the list of associated documents.

Captura de pantalla 2020-03-23 a la(s) 12.00.53

According to the log, everything runs smoothly. The documents are generated in the DB but, here the strange thing, the documents are not always added to the activity, even when the log indicates that it does.

In this example I created the activity “Actividad de prueba 7” where I selected 3 files to attach.

The log shows how the 3 are created and how the 3 are added to the activity in its list of associated documents.

But when you see the activity there are only 2.

The strange thing is that if I repeat the same exercise, with the same files in another activity, they do add all of them. It seems to be a random error.

I would greatly appreciate any help.


Instead of scheduling on a list, run it recursively

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Thanks @reger-alexander.
I will do so from now on.


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