Logged Out due to access_token in url

I’m running into a bit of a unique problem and would love some insight if possible:

I’m using a third-party’s API to set up an OAuth2 login. The third party has a very strange OAuth2 setup - it only provides the Login Dialog Redirect but nothing else. I can send the user to the login dialog but everything else past that is manual. Once the user authenticates, it redirects them back to my Bubble Redirect URL with an access_token parameter in the URL. However if I send the redirect URL back to Bubble with access_token in the URL, it automatically logs out the current user due to security reasons.

Ideally, I’d be able to retrieve the access_token from the URL and assign it to the current user, but since they keep getting logged out, that’s not possible.

Does anyone have any potential creative ways to approach this where I can extract the access_token without logging the user out?

Is it a Bubble access_token?

No it’s not, it’s from the third-party API.