Logic in a calculation

Hi All,

I am working on an app where I “might” need to change the value of a field based on a calculation and some logic. I have an Invoice with Line items showing in a table element. Outside of the table, the sum of several columns is calculated.

Each item is a service I provide. The customer has a maximum number of services they will pay for per invoice. Sometime I need to perform more then the MAX. I want the line to show up to show we did the work even tho they are not paying for it.

I currently have a field for Price, ActualSvc, and Etended price for each line item. I currently calculate the extended price per line item then total that field outside the table along with the ttal ActualSvc. A field called MaxSvc is available on teh customer outide of the table.

So I am looking for a way to:

If ActualSvc > MaxSvs then Totalprice = MaxSvs * Price else TotalPrice= ActualSvc*Price This amount would be saved on the Invoie, not the line item.

Any idea how to go about this? Thanks in advance.

In Excel it would be =IF(ActualSvc<MaxSvc,PriceActualSvc,PriceMaxSvc)

If I understand correctly, you want to write a value that dynamically changes based on some conditions.

This is where :formatastext comes in very handy. I use it all the time for complex values and it works like a charm

for example of you want to store the Total Price: (I will assume this is a number field)
When you create the invoice…
TotalPrice = [ActualSvc > Max Svc: format as text]

you will get 2 boxes → Yes and No

In yes you will put the equation: MaxSvs * Price

In No you will put: ActualSvc*Price.

Okay, now you have the value but it’s a text, so just do: convertedtonumber

it should look something like this:
[ActualSvc > Max Svc: format as text:convertedtoanumber]

I don’t think I was clear in my explaination

TotalPrice = The lesser of ActualSvc or MaxSvc times the Price.
So if the ActualSvc is 8 and theMaxSvc is 2 and price is $120, then the TotalPrice will only = 2 x $120 = 240

In Excel it would be =IF(ActualSvc < MaxSvc, Price x ActualSvc , Price x MaxSvc)