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Login to Bubble from external app


I’m trying to authenticate users (login) via an external app that I will call APP1.
In the backend I logged the user to APP1 and if it’s successful, I then pass the same data to Bubble. Aas expected I received a response with the user’s access token from Bubble.
The part I don’t understand is how do I keep my user logged in to Bubble so whenever they connect to my front-end app, they can also be redirected to their Bubble dashboard ?

Basically I want the user to:

  • log in via APP1 through a login form.
  • Once the click on the login button they could be logged in both APP1 and Bubble

Right now, the user is logged in APP1 but not in Bubble. For APP1, a jwt is stored in Cookies.

How can I achieve this result ?

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