Login with Mobile number & Password / Need help


I would like to login with mobile number instead of email id since we’ve legacy user data with us and most of them don’t have an email id. We plan to create email ids for each user & update in csv file to upload if required.
-> User enters the mobile no. & pwd.
-> Fetch the relevant email id from the records
-> Validate it.
Can you suggest a workflow to login with mobile no. & pwd. How to fetch a email id with mobile no. & validate it?

You are on the right track.

In your login workflow, Bubble will require an email to login right here.

In the email field you should be able to configure it like:

search for users: mobile number = input mobile number :first item's email

From there you can carry on as usual.


Thanks a ton Eli,

I’m new to Bubble & this is my first app. I can manage to get this screen in image. But don’t know after that.

Highly helpful if you can guide me on this.

I got that with a little work around @Eli once again thanks for your great help…

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My pleasure @rajesh1. Happy it’s working!

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