Logout a user after closing a tab

What is the best way that you have found to determine that the user closed the tab or the browser and to log the user off.
I have researched this and there seems to be many options as follows:

  • Page Close Event/Quit/Exit
    ā€“ Although this seems to work I feel that this maybe irritating to the user when all I want to do is actually log them out if they have been inactive for so many minutes.
  • Adding a field to the user table and updating it every 2 minutes. I assume that with this option you could create a backend Workflow that would check for any user that has a date/time that is over the 2 minute limit then log them out. I am not sure that you can do a timer event in a backend Workflow though.

I know with bank apps that if you close the tab or window you are automatically logged out. There has to be a good way to do this with Bubble I hope without making the user actually click on something. Please give me advice. I am new and I am learning.

Please let me know what you suggest.

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