Looking for a Bubble Dev Fulltime (Frontend already integrated)

Hey i look for a BubbleDev in Fulltime Position.

We are working on an Revenue Operations Management System.
In easy words. A system that helps you build your company, personas, user journeys, identifiy problems, create content for the problems or optimize the user experience.

Pls text me your already done Projekts (preview link + editor) and how long it took you to realise + your monthly rate.

You should have good Bubble Skills, cause it is a huge Projekt. If we find someone that match the projekt will last from minimum 3 months till 1 year ongoing.

Just message directly in Forum or answer here - Thx.

If you want to know more about the screens or tool scroll down here:
(It is not released but most visuals are already inside the tool but not functional → New responsive Editor)

Hello, @buero I’m Amen David, Bubble developer for almost 3 years.
I would love to work on your project.

I have extensive experience in developing complex features on Bubble and have already worked on more than ten projects.

I have indeed followed the best Bubble training available and obtained various certifications such as that of Ottho.co one of the best schools in France, that of Airdev.co, one of the best agencies (if not the best) in the USA and have also Participated in JJ Englert’s advanced database optimization training.

You can get an overview of some projects I’ve worked on at the end of this link : https://www.amen-nocode.com

Feel free to send me a private message!

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Hi @buero!

Take a look at my portfolio. You can message me there.

I’ll be very glad to schedule a meeting and talk about your project.

Hi @buero

Here is the link to my portfolio : umertahir78.linkst.ar

I will be happy to work with your team to help bring your project to life.

I’m Bubble Developer&Designer with more than 5 years of experience. I can offer for you a nice: UI/UX , Website design and responsev.

Hi @buero

As a skilled Bubble developer with a year of experience, I have successfully developed a comprehensive ERP solution for a packaging industry. This involved integrating external APIs, designing UI, and creating efficient workflows.

I initially started as a hobbyist, but my love for non-code software development has grown stronger.

I am excited to explore more opportunities and would be delighted to learn about your project.

Check out my project’s marketing website at packsetu.com and the ERP app at erp.packsetu.com. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Hello, I have been a bubble programmer for 3 years and we have a lot of experience with complex features and bubble specifications, I will be happy to work with you on this project!
Portfolio: Decolando Juntos
Contact: Share on WhatsApp

Hi William,

I see a lot of Graph of all sorts on the landing page.
Are you planning to integrate something similar within Bubble ?

Best regards,