Looking for a couple of add on solutions

Although I know a little coding I am enjoying testing bubble. Although 2 hours to learn is optimistic :grinning:

Most of the video tutorials are with an older version of the software :roll_eyes:

While testing I wanted to try a product page and a forum. There are some good solutions for buying but as I just want to test I really dont want to invest right now.

Anyone know of something for products and forum that I can use without spending my pennies right now?


Hey there

I am sure like most other developers out there will provide you with a demo license before you purchase. So pick a plugin and contact the author to see if he can give you a demo version

For a forum I will recommend Discourse. That’s what bubble is using.
The cool thing is that your bubble users can use their bubble credentials to sign into the forum just like bubble is doing with this forum.
See this post