Looking for a developer to build a small Forecasting game webapp, great pay

Hi! I am leading a Forecasting game project on behalf of the Atlas Fellowship and am looking for help with Bubble

The Atlas Fellowship connects talented young people across the world with the thinking tools and resources they need to pursue ambitious and impactful careers. (http://atlasfellowship.org)

We’re building a Forecasting game that lets players distribute ‘points’ to make predictions about what the price of WTI Crude Oil will be on April 29th. We’d like to produce the app ASAP and will pay above $1200/more for fast turnarounds.

In the game, players allocate 100 points across a range of price bands. They then win points proportional to the number of points they placed in the correct price band.

In addition, they can get an extra 50 points to allocate for each friend they refer. A player gets a referral code and when the code is used, they get an email inviting them to update their predictions with an extra 50 points.

On April 29th, we’ll reward players who predicted the correct price band

I’ve made a start, but am having lots of difficulty on the ‘points allocation’ bit
See what I have so far here: atlas-forecaster.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

Would love to jump on some calls today to explain in more detail and meet people!
Thanks very much! - Leo

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Hey Leo,

I just looked at what you’ve built already, It’s not bad for a start. I can help out with the point allocation bits and probably some more features if you’d like.

Shoot me an email at ojonimi177@gmail.com and let’s set up a call!


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Thanks @ojonimi177 ! I’ve emailed - looking forward to speaking :slight_smile:

Hey @learko !

Can I have your email please so I can send you a googlemeets link to talk better about your problems?

Mine is raketa.solutions@gmail.com
I have an agency but I do also only development work if not UX/UI is required.
You can check our website here:

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Thanks Sebastian / @design.agx - have reached out

Hi Leo. I’ve DMed you my proposal :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Hey @learko
Please check your DM

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Just a PSA that I’ve now successfully found a a developer to work on this project. Thank you so much to all for reaching out; I really appreciated your ideas, enthusiasm, and pointers. I’ve been overwhelmed by the fantastic response from the Bubble community. Really looking forward to doing more with Bubble in the future.
Best wishes and many thanks - Leo