Looking for a freelancer to ammend an existing template

Hi Community

I am looking for a freelancer that can help me with making amendments to a template to turn it from a tool into a business. I already know exactly what features I need and will be making amendments in phases.

So basically looking for someone I will contract on a regular basis to add features and updates to a theme (Obviously paying you for your time each time).

I am bootstrapping so I prefer someone with an affordable rate (its an existing template, just need a few alterations).

The template builder has confirmed that the changes are within reason, Just incredibly busy and cant implement them himself.

Will discuss project details. Please drop me a mail to radingwana93@gmail.com with your rate and I will reply with the required changes and you can quote me on time and amount.

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Hi @radingwana93

SparkDev team has just sent you an email with the details. Please check and let us know!

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sent you an email.