Looking for a javascript freelancer

We are a startup and currently developing a web application in Bubble that can also be accessed from a native app.

For the web application, various features need to be developed in JavaScript. These could be existing libraries or custom scripts that need to be implemented in Bubble via a plugin.

In addition, the native app needs to communicate with the Bubble webapplication so that users can log in to their web app account through the native app and view and modify data.

We are looking for someone with good experience in JavaScript and Bubble plugins and knowledge to set up the API connection between the native app and the Bubble application.

If you are interested, please send a direct message.


I would be glad to assist you.

To discuss further in detail kindly reach me at [email protected] or Skype me: cis.garry

Looking forward for your response.



yes available. I am a software engineer.