Looking for a Long-Term Junior Bubble Developer

Hi, there!

We’re a small no-code agency that’s looking to add a junior Bubble developer to our team to help out on projects. We anticipate about 15 to 20 hours a week to start, and slowly ramp up from there.

We’re looking for someone who’s fairly new to Bubble, and is eager to learn and grow with us as we expand.

If you’re interested, shoot me a PM with your hourly rate (our range is $10 to $15 to start), examples of previous projects, as well as your timezone and availability.

Thanks so much!


I’m interested.

Hey, @eduardosabino . Feel free to drop me a DM with the above details and we can chat!

Hello, I am interested and would like to set up an appointment to talk regarding moving forward with this opportunity. Is there an email where I can reach out to you given that I am unable to PM you on Bubble??


Unfortunately, I can’t send you a PM.

I’m a 3 months’ experienced Bubble.io developer. I’ve been working in a startup company September to December 2021. There I’ve participated in 3 projects. Last project I’ve developed from scratch to complete.

My timezone is EET GMT +2.

Please contact me via email [email protected].

Kind regards.

Hi i am EXTREMELY interested in this, it sounds PERFECT! As I am relatively new to bubble, and i am in unc chapel hills full stack web development bootcamp atm. Ive messed around with quite a few features and have been learning fast but I want to become a bubble professional! I am pacific standard eastern time, Like this other guy I did not see an option to DM you but im furloughed from a 16 dollar an hour job rn and am still willing to take 10-12 an hour just because I enjoy it so much more than my other job. Please DM me if you have any questions this sounds too good to be true :slight_smile:

oh and i have class Saturday from 10-2pm and, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 6:30-9:30pm

my email is [email protected] and phone number is 336-944-5218 @viable it wouldn’t let me respond to you in the messenger anymore it says I have to wait 21 hours

Hi I have been working in bubble for recently and for this my hourly rates i have been working with$13 and i could like to join your team and continue to be more supper in bubble.io please contact me if u will consider via my E-mail >[email protected]

Hi. I am a junior bubble developer and would be interested in joining your team. I have been working with bubble for some time now and am really interested to scale up my knowledge as we grow in developing projects for the agency . i have been working with
12$,so this would work for me . I am readily available .to start working or an interview.My timezone is EAT. please ping me here on
[email protected]

Hi @viable
Check your inbox please

I’m interested too.

Hi @viable I sent you a DM.
Is there any update on the position?

Hello, I have 1 year experience in bubble development. I want to find a permanent job.

Hello! GMT+2. 12$/hour. I’ve been making Bubble for about 8 months, here are my first non-commercial projects:

From experience, another half a year of work at Zeroqode.

Hi I am still availble for hire if inrested e-mail me on> [email protected]

Hey, Hope you are doing well. DM’ed you the details, please check. Thank you!

I can how you three apps that i’ve made since i start using Bubble in middle 2020. I can work for USD 12. Fully functional apps.

Hi, I checked my inbox, nothing received

hola eduardo, conversemos! [email protected]