Looking for a no-code developer for contractor job

Hello, I have my startup and I need someone to help me solve some issues I am encountering with my Bubble app. It is mostly about solving some issues with data and repeating groups and sending emails with embedded links.

Here is the description I posted on the Bubble Forum:

For the moment it would be a weekly, hourly-paid consultation, but it could evolve into something permanent as we aim to build our own technical team soon!

Hit me up on [email protected]


Hey there! :wave:

I would be happy to help with some one-on-one consultations. I do that for my clients all the time. I usually spend at least one or two sessions a week with them when they get stuck on things with Bubble.

If you would like to take a look at my site, see some testimonials and consider booking a session you can go to www.NoCodeMinute.com.

Also, after looking at your other post… I am confident that with a few sessions with me you will start understanding how Bubble works and be on your way to building your project quickly! It is just a matter of getting over the Bubble learning curve. I can help you over that curve a lot quicker than waiting for responses on the forum or doing hours of searching. :+1:

Hope to talk with you soon!

:blush: @j805

Hey Ramon,

I’d be happy to help :slight_smile: Feel free to send me a pm on the forum here or hit me up at https://tekademy.co

  • Jacob