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Looking for a Project Manager for projects | $2000+/month


We are looking for a responsible and experienced project manager who can lead our Web Development projects.

We are a Bubble Agency, we are developing web applications on for clients in USA and Europe.

Part/Full time
Remote work
We pay per completed project, not salary ($300-$600 per project that requires 20-40 hours of project management)


  1. Hold meetings with clients
  2. Prepare documentation of the project functionality, after meeting with the client
  3. Find suitable contractors to complete the project on Upwork, when needed
  4. Draw up a project development plan
  5. Calculate the cost and deadlines of the project
  6. Set deadlines for projects and control their implementation with contractors
  7. Communicate with the client and contractor on the project
  8. Check and test the application after the development process and control the correct implementation of the functionality

If you are interested in this vacancy, tell me about your experience in project management, your development experience or relevant skills, that you have. Please attach relevant CVs or links.

Please message me in Bubble Forum only, if you feel you are a good fit for this project.

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Hi, I am sure that I can help you :slight_smile: this is my LinkedIn

I build on Bubble on my free time so I don’t mention that on my CV.

In case this is still open. Do let me know. Want to explore more on the requirement.