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Looking for a simple solution: How to convert a time between timezones?

Let’s say 1 person is trying to book time with another person.

Person 1: They set the time for 1 pm PST

Person 2: Is located in EST and wants to book time with person 1.

What’s the easiest way to show Person 2 that the booking time is 4 pm EST?

Bubble does this for you if you show date/times in ‘current user’s timezone’ :slight_smile:

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Could you be more detailed? I want to make sure person 2 can book time with person 1 and that the time is actually accurate for both of them.

If it’s a scheduling app and my availability is 1pm PST, I want people to book at that time, but show that time in their timezone.

If your available time slots have been save to the dB, they’ll display no issue. If you’re talking about dynamic displaying of time across timezones, this is a little more tricky and involves shifting

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