Looking for a skilled 'bubbler' to work on MVP and potentially beyond

Hi! We’re a startup based in the UK, we have a basic bubble MVP that needs a few key components and ‘wow’ factors added before we go to market in Autumn.

I don’t have the skills of an expert bubbler and need to focus on other things, therefore looking for someone who is great in bubble, with good communications skills, is keen to work on something exciting, and can help get us to market-ready MVP.

If this sounds like you please let me know!




PM sent
Please check

Hello Dear @sonya

SparkDev is experienced developers team which can help get your app to market-ready MVP.

Please write me in PM if you’re interested in our team.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,


Hi Alexander,

Thanks, can you send me a URL for your website please so that I can explore a bit more about what you do.

Many thanks


Thank you to everyone who responded to this thread offering their assistance and services, and apologies for the delayed and/or lack of response to some, there was a lot to respond to!

We have now found a team to continue the development on our app, therefore are no longer looking.

Thanks everyone and have a great day!