Looking for Australian Freelance Developer

Hi guys,
I’m retiring from app development and I’m helping one client look for a new Australian freelance developer. Please contact me here via message if interested.

  • Am not sure of rate, will leave that for you to discuss with him
  • Will involve reviving an old OpenAI API project that involves interviewing users
  • The interviewing tool is an add-on to his existing non-Bubble business so in theory it should be a quick and small project with a very defined scope.
  • New API calls/refreshed UI will be needed given how old the project is
  • Only developers with raw API call knowledge will be considered (ie. using API connector, not plugins)
  • Client is non-tech
  • Lots of creative freedom, would suit someone used to scoping projects/deciding the best way the app should work/deciding requirements yourself if there are requirement gaps
  • Suit someone with high level communication skills who can work with a non-tech client
  • Involves working out yourself how the app currently works and should work based on client’s requirements as there is no hand-over from myself due to the old age of the project.
  • Bonus points if you live in Melbourne. You must live in Australia.
  • Happy to help a new freelancer with a weaker portfolio if you can demonstrate the required API/backend workflow/WU skills
  • Client always pays on time, usually on the day the invoice is sent, and is a positive and upbeat client to work with.
  • Could suit an agency as well.

Thanks, Jessica


Hi Jessica,

Sad to hear that you are retiring from App development. Is their a particular reason?

I am between Sydney and Hobart but I would be happy to discuss the possibility of taking over. I will send through my email via private message.


Awe, wish we could help out but we aren’t in Australia. Sounds like an awesome project to work on. :blush:

For you J805, I could be persuaded. Hit me up with your background. Jess

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Awe. Sounds good! For sure. :blush:

Check your inbox

I am not from Australia but as you show interest for other countries’s developer also, I just send you a message. Thank you.

Hi @cowontherun,

Kindly try to reach out to us at Bootstrapped . It’s where you can find highly skilled, experts and Freelance Certified Bubble Developers from all over the world. They are offering their services at different hourly rates that would surely meet your skillset needs and budget. You may check on this link our bunch of already built featured projects.

Kindly check my DM as well. Looking forward to receiving your response. Thanks.

Hi Jessica,
I am an experienced bubble developer and am available for the role. Please let me know if we can discuss it further over a quick chat.

Hey @cowontherun ,
Dropped you a message, awaiting your response. :smile: