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Looking for bubble developer to add a feature to my client's site

I used a template from Bubble to build a real estate listing website for a friend’s Rental Company. It just lists their properties, and it was pretty simple to get it “Live”. Now they want to add a few features I don’t have time or knowledge to do.

  • A “hide” button so they can hide properties instead of having to delete properties. This is in case they want to relist that property in the future, to save time.

  • And the ability to move photos around once they upload them. Right now it’s set up so that the order of the photos is locked in once you upload them in certain order. They’d rather upload a bunch, then move them around.

Would love to move forward with someone quickly. Drop me a note!


Please check your PM. Dropped you a note :nerd_face:

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@incomdies Hey I’ll message you later today, out right now. Appreciate the prompt response :+1:

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Alright sure. You can also reach me on Would wait to hear from you.

Добрый день! Могу помочь с проектом, если всё как вы сказали работы там на день.
Приступить могу в понедельник. Если что пишите, буду рад помочь!
I a junior in bubble and looking for friend foreign. I help free)

Hello there!
Do you still need help? If yes, then i’m interested in :slight_smile:
I’ve got about 3 years of experience in bubble, database, etc… It whould be a pleasure to work with you, Cheers!