Looking for Bubble Development Help?

Huge Shout out to @ryley.randall and https://brownfox.co!

Randall was instrumental in building a Color Pallet Generator and responded to all my questions in a timely manner (he didn’t even get upset with the ton of questions I had). I’d definitely recommend!

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Thanks Cory!

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Thanks for sharing

Algorithmia has some amazing services, a great tool and perfect for Bubble use.

Yes I agree @NigelG.
Alogorithmia has some interesting machine learning API’s.

The only catch that people need to be aware is that it’s not a free service even though i personally think their prices are relatively very cheap.

The reason i’m bringing this up is that there is some interesting aspect to algorthmia’s service model.
So they basically make it easy for anyone to host an algorithm (in several different programming languages) and access them through REST APIs at a small cost (author could charge royalties per api call as well).

Now what i’ve realized is that, some few algorithms (very few) available on their marketplace are based on existing open source javascript libraries that one could have easily implemented directly in bubble as an element plugin instead accessing them from Algorithmia through a rest api

A typical example is this Color pallet from Image plugin above. The API is based on the ColorThief python library which is itself a port of the ColorThief javascript library that can be implemented directly as a bubble element plugin, that will run purely client-side.
But the current plugin through algorithmia will require an api key and the cost associated with this plugin is below.

As you can see it’s relatively very cheap but its not completely free. Plus Algorithmia currently gives you free 5k credit per month. So depending on your usage you can even get it for free.

So aside the cost involved there is also the overhead of calling an external API instead of running code client-side if it was an element plugin without any external calls.

But most of the algorithms they have don’t have a javascript library that you can easily create a bubble element plugin from so in most cases using their api is the solution.
I might be creating some Algorithmia API plugin’s myself.

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Yes, I think for initial use it is really good. You can swap around services really quickly.

Then code it up in a plug-in once you have settled.

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