Looking for Design Work

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to start my design portfolio and so am now taking on design work. Whilst I can also do backend work, I would prefer design work at the moment but we can of course talk about that.

I have 4 years of bubble experience but have yet to build a portfolio so I look forward to working with you and building the site you’re looking for!

My rates are $30 usd per hour but can be negotiated depending on the work.

Thank you,
Lachlan M


Hey Lachlan - would you be up for designing a few pages for my Bubble site so we can get an idea of working with each other?

I have most of the backend work done, but need someone on the design/responsiveness side of things.

What is your day rate? Maybe we can jump on a call to discuss further, let me know.


Hi Lee,

I’d be more than happy to work with you. At the moment my hourly rate is $35usd.

I’d be more than happy to set up a time to call. My timezone is AEDT so if you just set up a time ill let you know when if I can make it. The 26th im off all day though because of Australia Day.


Have you got any examples of work you’ve done previously?

Going to be tricky finding time over the next few days, especially with the time difference (I’m in the UK), but maybe before arranging a call I could ask a few questions on here:

  • are you happy doing responsive design work? is that something you’ve done before?
  • could you design a single homepage for me if I was to send a kind of template / rough idea of what I’m looking for?
  • how long do you think that would take in hours? (I know this will just be a rough estimation)

thanks and look forward to working together! I have lots of pages to design, but if we can do the homepage first then add more over time that would be great



Hey @lee.shiouxios!
I sent you a private message, feel free to answer back if you have any doubt.
Have a good day!

How many hours a day is that? Does that include just the design or also the workflows?

That would be for 3-4 hours per day from start to finish with the workflows needed.