Looking for experienced Bubble developer to support in development of existing app


I have been building an app which helps prepare various documents for projects. It’s a series of forms across several pages which collect information which then creates documents. It’s largely complete with some additional features yet to be added, as indicated below.

ChatGPT API Integration

  • · For select number of text fields, users will click on a button which will, in the background, push information to GPT via the API which will contain existing information the user has already entered into the app. This will help with context. The request to GPT on what it should be generating back will also be included in this series of commands.
  • · I will help with identifying which text fields needs this feature, and what information from what fields should be sent as context to enable an accurate, and applicable response.
  • · The text that is generated will appear in a pop-up before the user decides to accept it into the actual field on the form itself.

Website Creation

· A template for a generic project website should be created for information already entered into Bubble’s database. The website should be responsive and the URL should be assigned to an existing domain as a subdomain or directory link. At the click of a button users will be able to see their information made to the public via this standard template.

App-wide search

· Users will need to search throughout the series of database content they have entered to remind them where certain text belongs. Not likely to be used extensively, but necessary.

Privacy settings review

· Review of privacy rules to ensure adequate protection of data to users within the app between each other and non-users.

Implement on-boarding process

· Create a sign-up wizard with 2-3 steps with forms and support the pathway of new users into the system

BB>HTML plugin

· I’m currently working with the BB>HTML plugin for my RTEs and have noticed it still holds text within it after the value in the RTE is deleted and saved. Needs to be addressed and fixed.

Essential requirements for this position:

  • · Experienced and competent developer with at least 2 years of experience
  • · Portfolio of apps developed with access to the read-only workflows if possible
  • · API integration experience
  • · Strong understanding of Bubble’s database back-end, and inter-table relationships (this app has over 10 inter-connected tables)
  • · UI/UX design experience, clean and responsive
  • · Experience working on forms/similar preferred
  • · Excellent use of English, open to virtual calls
  • · PayPal for payment

To apply:

  • · Send me a DM with access to your portfolio of apps, a website, or direct editor read-only links (preferred, so I review your workflows)
  • · Your fee and expected timeframe for each of the jobs, you can paste the list below:
    • o ChatGPT integration
    • o Website creation template
    • o App-wide search
    • o Privacy settings review
    • o On-boarding process
    • o BB>HTML plugin bug fix
  • · Certifications, if any
  • · Previous clients, if they’re on the forum.

It’s likely who ever I hire I’ll end up using going-forwards as iterations will arise, but equally I may feel you’re best placed to deal with one or more from the list above, hence my request for individualistic job pricing. Not interested in agencies sub-contracting out the work, I want to deal directly with the developer. Happy to share app link upon DM.

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