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Looking for expert freelance help

We have a very large application that really has two applications built into one. Very data heavy with various plugins and APIs to support it all. Still need a lot of help to finish the APIs and make sure all the data is showing up in the right place at the right time. Also several user roles need to be developed and allowed to be managed. Among other features/functions.

We have a few mid level, but looking for a senior person to join the team and help get us to the finish line, which our first customer is needing this done ASAP.

Please contact me with times that you are available to get on zoom and discuss further.

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I can assist you with the same.
Skp id= live:.cid.dd644b00d0ba2e59


It’s unfortunate that Nick is trying to defame me and what I am trying to do. I am not going to lower myself to bashing and going through the unfavorable experience trying to work with him. I have 5 contract guys working for me right now and they are all getting paid and happy working with me.

Fair enough! I’ll withdrawal my post. Good luck.

So is he lying? :joy: or did he work for two weeks and you not pay? Even if there’s depth to the story, it’s a yes or no, right?

Did he even do work for you?

Public forums is NOT the place for these types of conversations. I messaged him directly and worked things out, which is why he withdrew his post.