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Hey folks. I’ve got a client who’s got a very specialised 20-year-old CRM that is hosted on a Windows Server 2003 box with Oracle 8i and coded in Delphi that needs replacing (I’m not joking…). I’ve scoped out the project and I’m pulling together a bubble-centric tech-stack now. I’m looking to pull together a small but face-meltingly awesome team to help me get the app built. Anybody out there interested?


Hi Steve.
It sounds like a very challenging project!
Perhaps we could arrange a brief meeting in order to understand better the scope…
If you agree, please let me know it, so I can send you my calend.ly link via direct message, or you can send me your availability also via direct message.

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Hope you are staying safe!

We are a CMMI 3 certified web design company, having 15+ yrs. of the same domain.

I will be glad to assist you, please add me to discuss further

Scott Walter


We specifically take on complex bubble projects (as you’d see from our portfolio) and make them beautifully and optimise them to be clicky fast!

I’d love to walk you around my portfolio and discuss your idea further at a time that suits you! Please schedule a call on my calendar using this link -

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!