Looking for Freelancer to Connect Remove.BG API whenever a photo is uploaded

Hey Bubble Freelancers,

I’m looking for a freelancer that is able to connect and integrate the Remove.BG api here: https://www.remove.bg/tools-api.

Simply put, whenever a user uploads a photo, I would like it so the background is automatically removed. I would also like it so a user could decide on keeping the background as well (a revert to original function).

I have the paid plan for the remove.bg api, so all it would take is for you to implement this api functionality on two pages.

  1. Upload on desktop page
  2. Upload on mobile page.

Core functionality:

  1. When user uploads a photo, remove bg removes the background.
  2. A user can revert to original (meaning that they can keep the background) in the repeating group before they upload

This should be a relatively quick project, so shoot me a message with your rates and estimation of hours in terms of completion!




Hi Kaito
Hope you’re doing well.

SparkDev team can help you, please write me in PM or via email, and we will continue our discusstions in this regard.

Best regards,

[email protected]

Was looking into this exact same thing @kaito . Did you get this done in the end?

Does it work nicely?

Are you adding a new bg beneath? If so do you have a solution for that?

Hi @chris7

Kaito now is currently out of office and we hope that tomorrow he will reply on our message.

We can start to work with you in this regard, can we??

Allow me to note that we’ve already worked with Kaito on other work and he was pleased on our work.

Best regards,
[email protected]

Hello, did you ever get this to work successfully?

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